Become an AVON Representative

Want to own your own home business without the hassles of a business license, creating a website and trying to figure out exciting sales to generate revenue?  Then consider AVON where the busy work is done for you!

All over the world, AVON’s great products and proud record of service depend on the entrepreneurial efforts of  independent Sales Representatives. Their network of over five million Representatives reaches into the heart of every community – selling Avon to families and friends in neighborhoods, colleges and workplaces. For each Representative, Avon is not just a global name but a local business – their own business. 

Spanning the globe, Avon is the world’s number one direct sales  beauty company. But you can offer your customers more than just the best in affordable beauty care. Today’s Avon customer can choose from a wide selection of products, including fragrance, jewelry and accessories, wellness products, and unique gifts and home decor items.

For Avon, customer satisfaction is a way of life, and millions of consumers trust their products to be the best quality money can buy. They know, and you will know, that they stand behind every product they make.

As an Avon Representative, your earnings potential depends on you and your ability to provide reliable and courteous service to your customers. There is no limit to what you can achieve, even as a traditional Representative.  AVON equips their Representatives with the knowledge, skill and promotional support they need to make their businesses thrive. They advertise Avon globally, and are committed to investing more behind their great brands. And you can benefit from regular sales meetings, training sessions, and personal support from your District, Zone or Area Sales Manager.

When you sign up to be an AVON representative you will receive promotional tools to make selling easy and accessible for your customers!  You will get your very own Representative promotional website to sell AVON free of charge along with a variety of incredible sales to offer your customers!  You can order the products and deliver them straight to your customers or direct them to your website where they can purchase AVON products and have them delivered to their homes!  You get your commission whether they purchase directly from you or your website!  It’s a simplified revenue generating process which is a business owners dream! So what are you waiting for?  Get on your way to financial freedom!



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